GFF Chiihuahua

GFF Chiihuahua Urban Transit Program

It is a pleasure to present to you the Go Freedom Fuel CNG pilot program for Chihuahua Mexico.  Contained is information regarding Compressed Natural Gas, and the role that you can make in this emerging market. Natural Gas when used as a motor vehicle fuel is both advantageous in the local economies since the fuel cost is up to 30% or 40% less expensive than gasoline. Furthermore CNG is extremely vital in helping areas that are challenged with poor air quality caused by vehicle emissions. These factors make CNG attractive to government and acceptable to the business and public sector.

Go Freedom Fuel is extremely optimistic for the business future, and has identified Chihuahua Mexico, as a valid emerging market, with all the key elements to create a significant CNG program. Natural gas transportation is undoubtedly sustainable and will grow to positively impact economic growth and environmental sustainability. By creating a CNG pilot program in cooperation with the Chihuahua Urban Transit Project CNG could rapidly become a widely utilized viable alternative motor fuel in Chihuahua. Nowhere in the industry is the forecast more positive than in natural gas transportation.

The technology and economic validity of CNG as a motor vehicle fuel is well proven in many Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian and European markets. EG. Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, and India all have Natural Gas Vehicle populations in the millions.

Go Freedom Fuel will show the City of Chihuahua and the Urban Transit program a 50 million peso savings with the CNG pilot program


Expensive priced gasoline and diesel fuel, high emission and air contamination and dependency on foreign oil.


Chihuahua CNG Pilot Program: