A Brief Company History


Go Freedom Fuel. (GFF) of Tulsa, Oklahoma has played a leadership role in the natural gas industry by providing quality service and high tech CNG equipment and Conversions

Go Freedom Fuel began its involvement in the compressed natural gas(CNG) industry in 2008 when a spike in oil prices and major gasoline price hikes caused a national outcry for relieve from the crippling cost at the pump. As a result, Go Freedom Fuel was established June 1, 2008 and the first GFF conversions hit the road that summer.

GFF is owned and operated by Bridger Kucinski and Joe Barnts. Bridger is President in charge of Service, Research/Development and Operations, and Joe is Vice-President in charge Sales and New Products. GFF provides unsurpassed quality in CNG upfits and specializes in implementing “CNG Pilot Programs” by designing CNG solutions for new customers needing a global solution for their vehicle fleets often times involving on site CNG stations and fleet conversions.

GFF is an aggressive and open-minded company, researching new types of equipment and their uses, and blending new technologies with existing equipment. It’s this kind of talent that has brought GFF to the front as a leader in the alternative fuels solutions in our region.

In the past GFF has been involved in international projects and opportunities. Some projects include the Northern and Central regions of Mexico; with some “turn key” large volume CNG station design/engineering, equipment procurement and project management programs.

We have been involved in projects both domestic and international recognizing that not all projects are the same; we evolve to create a tailored solution to the situation. We work with equipment and projects that are compliant to ISO 9809, ASME Section VIII, or DOT-AAA and AIA engineering and architecture. State side all station design and construction is NFPA 52 compliant, the projects in Mexico are Norm, NOM-010-SECRE-2002. Which is a derivative of the NFPA 52 regulations.

Scope of work that our projects typically encompasses are as follows:

  • Communicate with government entities, public and privately owned  companies, alternative fuel commodity providers, and fleet owners to clarify benefits of alternative fuel projects in advancement and  adoption of the technology
  • Development and management (cradle to grave) sales cycles
  • Guarantee regional business is effectively managed
  • Ensure sales support is placed and managed
  • Identify and work with industry partners to promote Natural Gas usage
  • Facilitate placement of maintenance, service and technical support personal
  • Encourage adoption of alternative fuels by international fleets
  • Support industry term and units of measure translation, necessary for proper marketing and concept reception of international customers
  • Work with OEM’s to facilitate BMP (best management practices) and assure proper vehicle and equipment procurement
  • Identify and create sales objectives
  • Identify key market segments and customer opportunities in international regions
  • Speak at industry-specific conferences to raise awareness
  • Represent alternative fuel interests with government regulators and  funding agencies to encourage adoption of policies and programs to accelerate natural gas vehicles
  • Work with alternative fuel providers to deliver a compelling business case for alt fuels

Credentials Held :

  • State of Oklahoma Department Of Central Services Alternative Fuels Technician Cert#10-0674
  • ASE F1 Alternative Gaseous Fuels Certified Technician
  • Hythane Manufactured Products Sales and Installation Representative
  • Altech Eco Exclusive License Certificate, CNG Conversion system Licensing
  • Prins Certified VSI Service and Installation facility
  • USC, University of Southern Colorado Bachelors of Science, Automotive Technologies & Service Business Management, Minor in Automotive Business Administration
  •  Oklahoma City Community College, Alternative Fuels EPA certified systems training program
  • NFPA 52 certified gaseous fuels
  • IMPCO/BRC,Sequent EPA Certified System Installer
  • TGT,Certified Impco and TGT Distribution Gaseous Fuel Compression Technician
  • Bauer Compressors CNG instruction / operations training